Lapel Pins: Uses and Processing

Lapel Pins have been widely used in different ways. These pins were utilized mostly in the military, organizations and in school. They have been an efficient means to show affiliation. There are also several events or occasions wherein lapel pins are used variously, such as in the following:

1)Graduation - universities or post-graduate schools award their students with pins as symbols of their accomplishment in the necessary requirements of their chosen course;

2)Volunteers – for those who are willing to give a hand to people who have been affected with natural calamities, they are provided with security pins and identification;

3)Training – companies who are looking for potential efficient employees oftentimes train their people. During this period, identification is necessary in determining the best trainees;

Lapel pins4)Team Building – upon entering the company, employees are required to attend certain events. These events hold activities to develop each individual’s confidence and skills. Each department are provided pins in order to promote an organized system;

5)Employee recognition – every company has an exemplary employee; these kinds of employees are awarded with pins as recognition of their efficiency;

6)Fund raising –Sponsors arrange fund raising events for causes and groups. These pins are often used as promotional items and gifs;

7)Charitable events – this is almost the same as raising funds, except these are for giving food and clothes to the less fortunate. They use these pins the same as raising funds;

8)Event Marketing – some companies hold events to launch or promote a variety of products. The pins are used for marketing purposes;

9)Conventions – conventions are held to educate people about products or services. The pins are used as gifts;

10)Anniversaries – are used for these occasions as gifts.

Because of its wide range of applications, lapel pins have a high demand in marketing companies and business corporations. But how are these pins constructed into the perfect item for the consumer? The process is as follows:

Step 1: Stamping and molding – the metal to be used is molded to the intended shape of the consumer;

Step 2: Outline cutting – the metal is cut to the desired design;

Step 3: Attachment – at the back of the metal, the solder is then attached for security;

Step 4: Plating – thereafter, the metal is soaked in the plating liquid. The quality of the metal varies from the time period that the piece is soaked in the liquid – the longer the time, the better the quality;

Step 5: Polishing – the metal is then polished until the surface is lustrous and smooth. Copper metals is the usual element used with this step;

Step 6: Coloring – using a syringe, soft enamel is applied carefully into the metal, one color at a time;

Step 7: Cleaning – the piece is wiped off from excess paint outside the outline;

Step 8: Baking – the metal is then placed under heat for 15 minutes;

Step 9: Epoxy coating – lastly, the metal is applied with soft epoxy to prevent the paint from chipping off or getting cracks. This protects the soft enamel that is underneath the metal of the lapel pins;

Iron material may be used instead of copper for consumer’s budget reasons. However, the polishing process will be omitted.

Standard colors used for painting the item piece is taken from the Pantone Chart. Fine designs are not recommended as painting from outside the outlines is more possible with this request, therefore bolder designs are suggested. In order to ensure high-quality painting results, a blank metal rim of 0.3mm is needed.

The manufacture of lapel pins is cautiously done by experts from companies which assure ideal results. The reason why manufacturers comply with this method is because consumers always search for the best products. And by providing their needs, profit is definitely gained.

Some of the Best TaylorMade Golf Clubs on the Market

TaylorMade Golf Company is the leading golf club innovator in the world because of its durable and state-of-the-art products. This club was presented to the public in 1979 by entrepreneur Gary Adams at the Professional Golf Association’s Merchandise Show. After the public saw how the Metal wood drivers from TaylorMade Golf Company gave golfers easier and immediate swing, the brand instantly gained recognition in the golfing industry. It soon became the professional golf club used in championships and golf tournaments worldwide.
Taylormade golf clubs are known for their groundbreaking and reliable features. These characteristics make them push the envelope even further and give birth to more skillfully designed golf clubs. Today, there are a lot of TaylorMade products that are fashioned to give golfers a smoother hit and better trajectory.
Here are some of the best golf clubs from TaylorMade that can help golfers and amateur players improve their swing.

  1. TaylorMade Jet Speed driver – this line of metal wood clubs gives golf balls a more unswerving speed. This model features Speed Pocket technology which maintains the consistency of the ball when hit and while in mid-air. The TaylorMade Jet Speed fairway woods and rescue clubs also have forward center of gravity. It enhances swing speed and has a lightweight design which helps lessen spin. This model has a low-profile club head which helps golfers hit the ball efficiently off the fairway.

  3. TaylorMade SLDR driver – the “SLDR” stands for slider. This refers to the track below the sole which allows a change in its position when the golfer slides a weight. TaylorMade also offers wood and rescue clubs under the SLDR line. The weight of an SLDR club is positioned affront on the sole for a lower gravity position. This results to an improved speed and higher launch.

This line offers the white crown with black button-back driver. Aside from its consistent and improved features, the appearance of the TaylorMade SLDR White driver is outstanding. The SLDR White’s low-profile CG provides higher launch and faster ball speed just like in the typical SLDR driver.
It also produces less spin which is good for lengthier distance.

  1. TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Mens Racquetballs Bonded Drivers – this line is a combination of lightweight materials, swifter aerodynamics and is designed with the Inverted Cone Technology which gives the ball better speed even on skewed hits. It is designed with a low-and-forward gravity position to give the ball more speed with the best launch. The club head of the Menes Racquetballs is bigger than the ball to maintain its consistency mid-air.

  3. TaylorMade Ghost Tour Series – this line of golf clubs comes in remarkable appearances and features that hit every angle. The design of the Ghost Tour line is to provide smooth and consistent launch and severe distance control. This series is made with multi-material 8020 Pure Roll to generate an even roll. This is also designed with a step-less shaft and prime TaylorMade rubber grip.

One of the best models from the Ghost Tour Line is the TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona 12 Putter which has a sleek design and curve.

  1. TaylorMade R11S TP Driver – This model is designed with the new Flight Control Technology sleeve that makes the loft adjustable by 1.5 degrees. This club is fashioned with a Movable Weight Technology (MWT) which enables golfers to fix the driver’s gravity position to produce an even ball flight. The TaylorMade R11 has a contrasting appearance of white crown and black clubface which make the driver parallel to the address. The matte white finish reduces glare and hot spots to give the golfer a better concentration. The white head of the driver provides a swifter, rapid speed and more confidence.


Modern Marketing: Using Social Media as an Internet Marketing Tool

Ms. Jane: Looking for affordable slimming products. Let me know if any of you know where I can get my hands on these things.

Slimming Tea TM: Hi, Ms. Jane! You may visit us at or for more information about our products. We will give you free consultation and build a slimming program that revolves around your needs.

internet-marketingThat is exactly how social media can help a business in boosting its ranking on search engines as well as help in generating product sales. Back then, search engine optimizing only revolves around two things: quality of keywords and the number of sites that links back to your page. Now, as social media continuously gains popularity online, it becomes an essential in establishing a page’s visibility and rankings in search engines.

Aside from providing a business with more means to communicate with its existing and potential consumers, social media sharing and reviews also help a business website gain positive social reputation. Social media includes sites such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter among others that works as a meeting point for people who stays connected through virtual reality. Social media also helps enhance a customer’s experience by giving him or her a means to provide feedback and points of improvement for the business.

So how do you boost your SEO rankings through social media?

First, you have to keep your social media page up-to-date. Maximize the free use of social media platforms by constantly checking and posting stories that you believe could get shared or liked by a lot of your followers. The activity that your page creates, especially if those activities include back links to your website, can create a good number of site traffic and opportunities to sell out information about your products and services.Also, add your products and services to local listings. It has been found by social media experts as well as those who work with SEO firms that consumers are particular with the location of their searches. This is because some physical products are not available for international shipping, while some services and service-related advisories are not applicable to other geographical locations. Needless to say, if you are offering your products to people from Argentina, it will be best to include that local business listing in your Google+ or Facebook pages.

Second, your quality contents should be easy to share. Whether it’s a photograph, a short news clip, a video presentation, your contents must be easy to share with social media widgets that will not need too much information or require too much time to post or share a status.

Third, incorporate images as much as you can. Images have always been traffic inviters online. Just as traditional marketing strategies, aesthetics also appeal to the consumers in internet marketing. Incorporating content stories with photographs, of say a picture of a moist chocolate cupcake made using your baking products, enhances the searcher’s reading experience. It also gives potential users an idea of how your products are like, making it easier for them to make better buying decisions. If this is the case, you’re not only helping people but great products or avail good service, you are also giving your site a helping hand by creating a buzz among consumers that comes in and out of your website.

Lastly, always measure your social media progress. Knowing your social media standing and the impacts of your social media efforts will give you a chance to better your standing and performance. There are a lot of systems, like Google Analytics and Social Metrics, that can help you understand your focus and remind you of what issues should you be focusing your attention more when it comes to social media popularity.

Marketing’s main objective is to spread awareness of your products and services. Traditionally, that has been done by giving out flyers and catalogues, opting for radio/TV ads or printing in half-page ads in local newspapers and magazines. What’s bad with that is you only get limited reach, as limited as how far your advertisements can get you. With internet marketing and social media, you get to expand your market reach to people and places miles away from you.